Oct 21
Jan 13

Peter Everett: Transmutation

Presented by CUAC at CUAC

Peter Everett is one of Utah’s most important painters. He has influenced more than a decade worth of painters coming out of BYU’s great program and has achieved great success of his own exhibiting locally and internationally. His work strongly builds on abstract painting traditions largely by challenging traditional ideas about composition. His paintings feature amorphous ‘figures’ comprised of many individual marks that seem to float above the surface of the paintings. These ghost-like images are at once abstract and form-driven. It seems like Peter’s interest in these figures are as much investigations of formal tensions within painting as they are an exploration of the Sublime that is prevalent in a larger painting tradition (think Rothko), but also a more personal Sublime.
–Adam Bateman, Curator at CUAC

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2016/10/21 - 2017/01/13

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175 East 200 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84111