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Andrew Kosorok

Utah Division of Arts & Museums (UDAM) teaching artist.

Andrew Kosorok received his BFA & MFA  from Brigham Young University in Sculpture, fo- cusing on stained glass and sculptural stained glass, with minors in comparative humani- ties, philosophy, and English. He has worked with stained glass as a designer, builder, con- sultant, and historical restoration specialist for over twenty five years working on projects such as the restoration of the historic Provo Tabernacle and several LDS temples, including the new Provo City Center Temple, churches of many denominations in a number of coun- tries around the world, and thousands of commissions for private homes. He continues to work as a volunteer with many diverse faith and philosophy groups. He has studied tradi- tional artistic construction techniques, received a fellowship to study philosophy of Islamic art in Iran where he is recognized as an honorary mullah, holds certifications in interfaith chaplaincy and alchemy, has studied ancient religions, mysticism, hermeticism, the West- ern mystery schools, traditional healing and spiritualism, and Sufism. He is the author of two books,  99 Names 1 to 25 (A Christian’s Exploration of the Names of God from the
Qur’an) and  The Windows of Dzyan: A Theosophical Scrapbook. He taught fine art, design, and sculpture at BYU for ten years, and has taught numerous workshops and classes in universities, libraries, elementary and home schools, church groups of many denomina- tions, civic and cultural centers, and priv

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