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D Jones

Hello. I am a poet and writer who lives in the Salt Lake City Area. While I have always loved reading the poems of E.E. Cummings, Wallace Stevens, Robert Frost and others, I did not begin writing poems (or even think about writing poems) until my late 30s. I wrote my first poem on a flight from San Francisco to Salt Lake City, after reading an article in Scientific American magazine about Hugh Everett, the brilliant but troubled theoretical physicist and visionary behind the “many worlds” theory of the universe. It seemed strange at first to write a poem about a scientist, but it all came together as I imagined the struggles of a man living in a world where his genius was so misunderstood and how the sadness he must have felt from his difficult relationship with his son and his family contrasted with the happiness I feel from mine. Since that time, I have continued writing poems that weave observations about such unremarkable things as a father’s conversations with his 4-year old son, the view from my front yard or my memory of the late Yankee catcher Thurman Munson with deeper explorations on science, history, relationships, love and (of course, since I am a poet) death. The first volume of my poems can be seen at and I hope you will feel free to visit the site and read them. The second volume is expected to be completed later this fall, when it will also be posted to my site. I have also written a screenplay entitled: "What Brothers and Fathers Will Do," whi

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