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David Bullock


A decendent of Utah Pioneers, he claims to have captured the illusive Tommyknocker, been haunted by ghosts, even rescued the dead. He’s searched for and discovered treasures, buried deep in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah. He CLAIMS to be: a miner, trapper, famous Bear hunter; even a rodeo cowboy! He admits that as a young man he foolishly shot and killed the most prized bull in all of the state of Utah! Well, one thing’s for sure, he can sure shoot the bull! Just who is this famous adventurer who seems to have done it all? Why he’s none other than the Heir of Legends, David Bullock, Storyteller and Western Poet. Raised in the mine camps of Utah, Bullock is a third generation Miner. “I was raised on dreams”, says David. “My fathers and grandfathers quest to find gold and silver has made it only natural that I would have a vivid imagination and propensity towards telling stories. Camped high in the mountains after a hard days work in the mines, we’d entertain each other by sitting around the fire swapping lies and telling stories. I’ve heard the best of them!” David’s gift of telling “the best of them”, gives his audience; ranging from little children all the way to the oldsters, the pleasure of dreaming and seeing with their own imaginations, vivid pictures that are painted with his descriptive words. The author of his own stories and Poetic Ballads, David has a repertoire that ranges from absurd and totally incredible tales that will tickle your funny bone, to heartbreaking s

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