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Dovie Thomason

Utah Division of Arts & Museums (UDAM) teaching artist.

Coming from the rich oral tradition of her Lakota and Plains Apache family,  Dovie Thomason has had a lifetime of listening and telling the traditional Native stories that are the cultural “heartsong” of commu- nity values and memory.  Both wise and mischievous, Dovie unfolds the layers of her indigenous worldview and teachings with respect, sly humor and rich vocal transformations.  When she adds personal stories and untold histories, the result is a contemporary narrative of Indigenous North America told with elegance, wit and passion.
Her programs are a heartfelt sharing of Native stories she has had the privilege of hearing from Elders of many nations and are woven with why we need stories, how stories are a cultural guide in shaping val- ues and making responsible choices, how stories build communities and  celebrates  our  relationship  with  the  Earth  and  all  living  be- ings.  The oral tradition she gifts to listeners inspires delight in spoken language arts, encourages reading, supports literacy, can be used in classrooms to motivate better writing as students experience story- telling techniques, literary devices and effective communication.  All of this takes place while they are exploring their own narratives and family values.
Dovie has represented the U.S. as the featured storyteller throughout the world.  In 2015, she was honored as the storyteller-writer in resi- dence at the Centre for Creative Writing and Oral Culture at the Uni- vers

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