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Elaine Bell

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Elaine’s interest in art goes back to her childhood years in San Luis Obispo, California.

The opportunity of visiting over 20 foreign countries has given her sensitivity to people, an aspect of individuality that is projected in her work.  Elaine’s openness to new experiences has enlarged her world: increased her perceptions and love for humankind.  Her sculptures reflect those varied experiences.

Elaine studied art at Brigham Young University and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in 1985. After graduation and while raising children she refreshed her sculpting skills by studying under renown Utah sculptors, Clayton Robbins and Karl Quilter whom she admires.  Many of her works follow a classical form and carry a significant degree of symbolism.  Personal dignity is a dominating theme in many of Elaine’s sculptures. “I use symbolism and the experiences of life to increase my awareness and affect my sculpture.  Bronze and Marble, my chosen mediums, not only grant a permanency to my work, but seek to perpetuate these truths and ideas which heighten our sensibilities and encourage a more civilized society:  these enduring qualities which soften, as well as educate mankind.”

Ms. Bell has been Master Sculptor for since 1997 providing their clients custom sculptures to help them realize their personal artistic visions.  Her specialty is classical portrait likeness.  Monumental size and life-size figures, as well man

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