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Gregory Parascenzo

Utah Division of Arts & Museums (UDAM) teaching artist.

When I think about art or creativity, these things come to mind:
Discovery,  experimentation,  development  and  learn- ing. There are many ways to approach working with these elements, and usually a combination of individu- al and group project produce an introductory capacity to build further skill levels and deepen perception. It may take the openness of a child of any age to discov- er  that  ‘I  can  do  it’  moment,  but  once  established, there is an open road to self expression. The rest is a matter of interest, perhaps skill and access to an envi- ronment which fosters and values such expression.
I am primarily a painter/visual artist; I enjoy working in both two and three dimensions, with an emphasis in composition, design, color fieldwork and collage. I am rather fond of building objects to be further reworked. The found object, assemblage, and refusemblage- ob- jects  taken  from  the  neighborhood  rubbish  pick  up and reworked into sculpture and other objects ‘d art have all become part of my repertoire.
In the past I have worked in residencies with Native American populations, prison and youth at risk popu- lations and school children in the Salt Lake valley.

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