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Heather Shimmin

People ask me all the time what “type of photography” do I do. And I never really know how to answer them. I don’t consider myself a landscape photographer, although I do have a collection of landscapes. In my mind, landscapes are either Ansel Adams or Arches at sunset. Honestly, do we really need another photograph of the Delicate Arch? I don’t consider myself a portrait photographer, either, although I shoot (I mean photograph) people all the time. I guess I don’t fall into any category because I don’t think of myself as fitting into any stereotyped genre. Often, I answer that I am a commercial photographer with a fine art feel. In my heart, I am a fine artist. I am deeply influenced by the history of art, especially paintings. I believe all of my work has a fine art feel to it. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, graduating Suma Cum Laude. I have worked as a freelance and in-house photographer, a producer, art director, and creative director.

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