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Jeremy A. Christensen

Hi! I'm Jeremy. I am a graphic designer, illustrator, typographer and general ink slinger living and working in Cedar City. For years I have been honing my skills as a graphic designer and have found a love of the art of web design. But my skills are not relegated to computer aided design programs. I believe strongly in using my hands and practical methods to amplify and accentuate the message that the artwork is trying to tell. If you are still reading this, I guess that means that for some reason, you care to learn a little more about me. I am happy to oblige. I have been drawing since I was a young lad. Artists like Todd McFarlane, Chris Metzen and Jim Lee inspired me to try and discover myself in a pencil and paper. Later in life my mom coerced me into going to a school where I could use my fledgling art skills to learn the trade of a designer. And in the year of our lord 2007 I graduated from Eagle Gate College in Murray with a diploma certifying my associateship. In the years since then I have continued my education, now in Cedar City at Southern Utah University; and found employment through Decorworx, where I create designs that affect your everyday life, and you are mostly unaware of it. I create your shopping experiences. While at the grocer, have you ever wondered where to find the ketchup, or mused about what your favorite store believes in, or were inquisitive on who the manager was? I design the signs and the feel of the store that leads you to these answers. Eve

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