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Jiyoun Lee-Lodge

I make portraits of people, place and things of now and around me that are more of the complex of information than the visual appearances of those things. I capture perceivable elements of the moments, such as smell, feelings, circumstances, histories, and maybe trivial matters, into shapes. Influenced by infographics, animations and hieroglyphs, forms are made into symbols or life forms. Then I lay them out into the structure. Through this process, I believe I can make the portraits that are closer to the essence of those existences than the medium like photos and videos can. My pseudo-abstract portraits of people from my memories allow me to project a sense of self and time that I live in, that is ever-changing. – Nov 2012

Jiyoun Lee-Lodge is interested in how her memory forms and changes under the influence of globalizing media of nowadays. (also living in New York definitely blends into ‘the influence’, too.)

Jiyoun uses painting, drawing, and printmaking, installations and performances using rubber, silk, foam, metal, and etc. Jiyoun makes quirky yet obsessive abstract works. The cluttered shapes looks like lifeforms or landscapes. Those colorful shapes are visual translation of smell, sound, feeling, and surroundings from her memory. – Sep 2012

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