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Karen Southam

Utah Division of Arts & Museums (UDAM) teaching artist.

I am a Multi Media Artist residing in Salt Lake City. In 2018 I com- pleted a BFA from the University of Utah College Fine Art in Art Teaching with an emphasis in Ceramics and a minor in Sculpture.
My area of focus has been researching the Artistic Process and I have written curriculum incorporating the formal Principles and El- ements of Art that also honor student’s unique process of making art. It is most important to me to empower all levels of makers and show them that artistic dormancy within is worthy of discovery and further development no matter the age or skill set.  It is my goal to teach every student that Visual Art can be encouraged as a way to explore and process complex ideas, emotions, experiences in a way unlike any form of self assessment. So that even if they are just
making their art for themselves they will find value in doing so and understand themselves on a deeper level. With this added form of communication, I believe students will impress a positive change on the world.
As a maker I draw inspiration from our western landscape.  I start with a photograph and work my way towards a finished mixed me- dia sculpture, or installation often placed in the landscape where my process began. In a deliberate and constant mining and refining of my own personal truth I cultivate concepts we can all relate to such as contention leading us into transcendence.


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