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Kheng Lim

Hi, I’m Kheng Lim.
In 2013, I arrived in Provo, Utah to pursue a master’s degree in fine art from Brigham Young University. I was excited to travel halfway across the world to a place I barely knew anyone, to pursue my passion for creating beautiful art. And the moment I settled into the studio I launched into painting, sometimes deep into the night, when during the walk home the only other pedestrians on the quiet streets on campus were the deer that had come out to forage.

With all the paintings I had made came the question: how I am going to frame all my paintings to show? I was a poor student and couldn’t afford professional service. So, I had to improvise. I learned to mill raw lumber, cut and assemble frames, and to put a final finish on them. I realized that frame-making was fun! Over time, I began examining the paintings at galleries and museums, noticing the frames around them, and imagining other framing styles that would look good with the artwork.

After school, I took up woodworking jobs to hone my wood crafting skills. A couple of years later I managed a custom frame shop, and that gave an understanding of operating a framing business. Life has its own mind with its turns, and when the opportunity arose to start my own framing studio, I immediately took it.

Through the years I have gained knowledge in frame-making, an understanding of fine-art preservation, and the experience of operating a custom-frame shop. To put all these different aspects of my learnin ... view more »

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