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Kiliona Palauni

Kiliona was born into a musical family immersed in traditional Polynesian song and dance. His parents gave him a great respect and appreciation for the arts that stands strong today. At age six Kiliona purchased a grand piano and paid for his own lessons with settlement money gained after a horrific dog-bitting incident. After the money ran out, Kiliona practiced the piano and self-taught himself bass guitar, guitar, ukulele, and cello. By age twelve he had started his first band, The Pink Panthers, an awful 70’s and 80’s cover band. Throughout Kiliona’s Jr. High and High School career he had been the leader of several more awful bands experimenting in the Heavy Rock and Hard Core genres. In 2005, after the loss of several close friends, inspiration and healing created A Cassandra Utterance with his sister and drummer, Malia Palauni. They released their full-length album, "Into the Arms of the Ocean" in 2006. Soon after the album’s release, A Cassandra Utterance grew from a two-piece into a full band. Their EP "Aumakua" was released in 2008. The band successfully completed multiple tours across the United States in support of the new release. In late 2009 Kiliona made the choice of becoming a solo artist. His album is set to release in December 2010.

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