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Lapita Frewin

Utah Division of Arts & Museums (UDAM) teaching artist.

My name is Lapita Keith Frewin. I am a full-blooded Navajo born on the Navajo reservation. I left home at the early age of nine to live with a main-stream American family to get a better educa- tion.   Returning home every summer, I was able to get the best of  both   worlds.   After  graduating   High   School  I   enrolled   in Brigham  Young  University  were  I  was  able  to  get  a  Bachelors Degree  in  Social  Work  and  a  minor  in  Native  American  Stud- ies.   I  currently  am  a  Social Worker  helping  families  of  all  cul- tures.
In my spare time I am to able to fulfill one of my passions in life by preserving not just my Navajo Culture, but all Native Ameri- can  Cultures.  I  saw  so  much  that  was  misunderstood  in  main- stream America that I decided to do as much as I could to con- nect that gap.
I love working with all ages.   Kids are great because they don’t know what is incorrect and I can enrich their young minds, and I love the teens and young adults because they are so eager to learn and I love working with adults because they appreciate and are  respectful  of  Native  Cultures.   I  am  predominately  a  bead- worker.   Many  museums  have  allowed  me  to  study  old  speci- mens and I have tried to recreate those pieces using authentic materials.  It  is  an  awesome  feeling  when  you  bring  something back to life knowing  where it  came from  an

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