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Loren Kahn

Utah Division of Arts & Museums (UDAM) teaching artist.

Using puppets and/or object theatre, a bridge between theatre, visual art and puppetry, Loren Kahn Puppet and Object Theater brings to life a hilarious and magical world, which delights tiny children and provokes reflection in teenagers and grownups.

The Object Theatre movement began in the 80s in Europe and uses objects as symbols and metaphors to explore association of ideas. Loren Kahn, puppeteer, and Isabelle Kessler, object theatre creator,  also  offer  instruction  on  puppetry  and  object  theatre techniques.

Loren  Kahn  Puppet  and  Object  Theater  present  their  shows  in versatile settings—like the back of a bike, or a stage that the pup- peteer wears! We’ll help you plan the perfect show or class for your organization, whether it’s a theatre, school, library, hospital, community center, day care center, and or just about anything else you might come up with.

To Feel Is In Question is a show/lecture conceived for colleges,
universities, museums, festivals and as a workshop for teachers. The show (45 minutes) is followed by discussions or workshops customized to the audience, according to the goals of the organiz- er. Our societies celebrate artists, “emitter,” and discount specta- tors, “receivers,” creating a hierarchy pondered in To Feel Is In Question.  Possible topics also include: Analytic thinking, commu- nication,   the   responsibilities   of   emitters/receivers,   cultural shocks.
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