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Mama's Boys Band

The Mamas Boys really are just that, a bunch of brothers and their daddy who were all trained by their mama and love her dearly. She started them young singing in choirs, teaching them piano lessons, and making them practice hard. Their daddy also trained them to love music, but in a slightly different way. He would turn on the Rock & Roll as loud as he could, have them lie down on the floor, and use their heads and backs as a drum set. They learned to keep the beat, but some of them have some minor hearing loss. As the boys got older, each one was drawn to different styles and instruments but still had one thing in common, their love of music. So, it didnt take long before Mama got an idea. She got all those boys together and made them practice some more, and the Mamas Boys were born. They combine their love of Blue Grass, Rock & Roll, and Western so that the show represents all their interests.

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