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Michael Maughan Yuta Lee

The origins of Mina System explained in recounting of memories too specific to be dreams. The beginnings of all things, expansion outward as a drop in a still pond. A child of sin in the desert under the stars. The Spirit of Bob must come to justice. What becomes of the fucker of his own mother? Two voices are heard in the mind, revealing Anunemu Maiounemu, named twenty years after his banishment. Johnny Jesus, Fuckhead Jones, and Hajisuke Son of Shame are named. Mina and Mini-Mina are named, they are discriminators of none, and thus were shamed. Dissociation begins as a child, voices and identities colliding are normalized. What becomes of the abusive grandmother? Singular Linear Narrative Identity is the working of white man magicks. The Buck Stops Here! White men will be held accountable. Sins shouted from rooftops. False prophets who claim to be true, and prophets who claims to be false.

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