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Oonju Chun

My work has no agenda.  There are no pre-conceived images or intellectual considerations.  It is not allegorical.  For me, painting is instinctual.  The reason why I paint is because it carries a voice that cannot be expressed by my words.


Painting has evolved into much more of a personal creative process for me in that, as life continues, as it does for all, my work documents my artistic decisions which no one can duplicate.  The years of my life have provided me purpose and sense of direction, allowing me to be more honest with my work.  I am not trying to be understood as an artist.  When I walk up to a blank canvas, what happens is a spontaneous visual reaction with each stroke of line or color.  I relinquish the responsibility to create meaning, however on a certain level, that is the more meaningful aspect of why I paint.


I have lived in the United States now for over 40 years, but culturally, I am strongly rooted in my Korean identity.  My work inherently merges these two influences.  While I identify with the quiet minimalistic sensibilities of Eastern aesthetics, I am always drawn to the rawness of particular Western art.


The most I could hope for from my viewers is that they are able to experience a similar emotional response as I do.  I do not expect viewers to extract any sort of meaning or story, but if they do, it shall be in the context of their own experiences and decisions.

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