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Pamala Bird

I am fascinated by the art and mythology of the great cultures of the past, and my own art is an exploration of what they thought, felt and believed as revealed through their art. I strive to express through my art the wonder I feel at the immense diversity and beauty with which the human spirit has manifested itself throughout the ages. To me, being contemporary includes all our past antecedents that have made us who we are and the present what it is. This is a spiritual quest in which I find a sense of connection with all those who came before me in this human experience, as well as a quest to understand life, humanity, and myself. In my studies I have been particularly moved by the imagery of women and the insights gained from each culture’s stories and mythology about their Feminine Archetypes. Many ancient cultures honored the concept of the “Great Nurturing Mother” as goddesses in their artwork and mythology as well as other feminine attributes such as, wisdom, compassion, and abundance. Something about those ancient images resonated deeply within me. And so I began to create my own icons inspired by the past, which has evolved into a series, “Feminine Archetypes Around the World and Through the Ages”. I approach it as if I were a time traveler creating my own version or interpretation of the concept in a manner that would be recognizable and “readable” to people from that time and place, but they are not copies of existing ancient artworks. I use some of each particula

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