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Sal Jansson

Utah Division of Arts & Museums (UDAM) teaching artist.
Sal Jansson

Salome  (Sal)  Wolfgramm  Jansson  was  born  in  Auckland, New  Zealand.    She  teaches  the  dance,  music,  arts  and crafts, stories and legends of the Polynesian islands: Ha- waii, Tahiti, Tonga, Samoa and New Zealand. She believes using this art form as a tool, can provide basic job readi- ness skills.
Sal organizes Hawaiian luaus where proceeds are split be- tween artist and the organization/school.   An action plan is developed and presented showing projected outcomes for all involved.  This would be a 2 week residency with the fol- lowing  components:   the  participants  are  divided  into  3 categories ie. students, administration and community.
Sal’s  residencies  include  performance  elements  such  as learning  how  to  dance,  sing  and  teach  students  how  to work as a team to accomplish goals.  This process provides the ability to assist in developing many disciplines of the participants utilizing the Polynesian folk arts as tool culmi- nating in  a  luau  which produces outcomes.     The  target group is middle and high schools and/or private organiza- tions.  Sal has taught all ages.  She is flexible, patient, and positive, giving all involved an enjoyable and educational experience. The program includes all who wish to partici-
pate, no matter what disability may exist. There are addi- tional fees for supplies.

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