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Scott Tuckfield

Available for commissions and live painting.

An artist is a servant to ideas. Our job is to be clear and receptive channels to these ideas, to ask them where they want to go, and to carefully and patiently follow along.

The ideas given to me become windows into an inner world. This inner world is not confined within any of us; it reflects, intersects, and permeates the outer world, and connects all humans together into one shared play of consciousness.

Through my paintings, I explore the ways in which my inner state filters, enhances, and even distorts my experience of reality. By doing this, I hope to lead viewers into a remembrance of an ineffable truth: that all life is inexorably interconnected, that all reality is in fact One consciousness, and that all matter and energy is spiritual in nature.

I create paintings using acrylics. My work is meticulously crafted; each piece is layered dozens of times using tiny brushes. The result is a subtle and vibrant color effect, one which imbues a sense of life and movement to the image and which richly rewards a closer look. I combine sacred geometry and eastern mysticism with organic, free-form elements to create paintings which speak to a deep universal spirituality in the viewer.

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