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Shiksa Yisrael

Shiksa Yisrael has been practicing the Art of Tarot since 2005 and has gained a loyal following and reputation for authenticity, wisdom and even humour. Shiksa works from her home office but also attends parties and is the Psychic for 3 local Farmers Markets as well as attending various cities events and makes home visits. ? She often appears along with her Psychic Cat Sheba Feline. Being an independent consultant allows her the ability to remain home to care for her children,three of whom are special needs. ? ?The practice of using Tarot and other cards for divination is an ancient and often insightful practice that can help a person find answers, provide warnings and advice, and offer support and comfort to those who find themselves confused about which direction in life to go. ? “It can be very freeing and easing to the querent to be able to share their concerns in a non-judgmental atmosphere of compassion and understanding,” says Shiksa Yisrael. “What I do tell people is not set in stone".I give them warnings or guidance to change their own future. Think of it as showing them three paths and the outcomes and let them decide.” Shiksa enjoys helping people and has a skill for understanding others and empathizing and guiding them through the difficult times life brings to every human being.

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