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Calling All Artist and Craftperson

Posted by AnuCompany ; Posted on 
Call for Artists - DEADLINE :  
Calling All Artist and Craftperson






Before you continue, please make sure you understand what you are applying for. We are an art Galleria shop for people who have handmade craft and art in the Salt Lake area, soon the art district of Salt Lake. Most of the booths within our storefront boutique offer full return on commissions minus credit card and transaction fees. You pay a monthly booth fee. From there, we will advertise, promote and find clients for our artist/members who pay for a booth. We will take your work to tent shows and festival or other clients as needed.

If you understand the matrix of our plan, please go to to see information on booth space cost and measurements. Know if your item can fit in the space provided. Other items can be placed in our portfolio for Business to Business sales.

To qualify: Please email us images or links to your work first before setting an appointment to:

Please contact us for an appointment before coming, or go to this link to set an appointment:

(please do not schedule an appointment if you are unsure you can make it.)

It will take up to an hour to get your information in the system, your product displayed after you have chosen the space, photos of some of if not all of your products. We will have assistants here on certain days to help with this process only during the times appointments are requested.

If you set up an appointment that you don’t make without notifying us or contacting us for rescheduling  this will lead to you being black-listed from our store for future dealings. We only want artist that is serious about their craft as we get set up to take your work out into the city to promote and sell.


Thank you all for your time and consideration. I hope we can makes Anu Galleria the place to come for handmade art craft and decorum from Salt Lake City artist.

Best Regards.




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