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OF/BY/FOR ALL Community Catalyst

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OF/BY/FOR ALL Community Catalyst


Job Opportunity: Community Catalyst
Equip motivated leaders at cultural and civic organizations to build more inclusive institutions that are of, by, and for their diverse communities.

Community Catalyst is a full-time exempt remote position, reporting to the CEO.

Compensation: $37,500 – $55,000 plus benefits, with salary dependent on cost of living at your location (read our staff handbook, which includes information about our compensation strategy and benefits package).

Start Date: September 1, 2019

As an OF/BY/FOR ALL Community Catalyst, you’ll help changemakers from civic and cultural organizations around the world build more inclusive institutions. You’ll serve as a coach, facilitator, trainer, and cheerleader to museums, libraries, parks, theaters, cultural centers, and community institutions. We provide the curriculum and the platform; you provide your expertise as an online organizer, educator, and facilitator of inclusive change. While most of your work will be online, you’ll also help with live training bootcamps and events around the world. You’ll be part of a small, diverse staff team who are passionate about equity, inclusion, and getting shit done. You’ll have a front seat at the founding of a fast-growth social movement, and we’ll invite you to jump into new opportunities and activities as we grow.

Qualify organizations for participation in the OF/BY/FOR ALL Change Network. Talk with interested organizations to answer their questions and assess their readiness to participate.
Support organizations in the OF/BY/FOR ALL Change Network. Provide coaching, motivation, and support to teams as they adopt new practices for community involvement. Connect teams with each other and spark healthy dialogue in the online network. Inform participants about opportunities to go deeper and to share their stories, successes, and challenges with others. Work with the other Community Catalyst to identify and implement new ways to engage and energize teams and deepen their involvement in the network.
Evaluate and improve the participant experience. Work with colleagues to track, analyze, and assess participant experience in the Change Network program. Launch experiments and changes to improve the experience. This may include directly changing/improving specific processes and offerings, as well as recommending changes to the overall program.
Build broad interest in OF/BY/FOR ALL on social media and our website. Help create and manage content and related social media assets, telling stories of OF/BY/FOR ALL participants and their growth journeys in the Change Network. Cultivate relationships online with influencers and change agents in IDEA work and in civic and cultural sectors outside of museums.
Help coordinate OF/BY/FOR ALL events. Pitch in with online registration, venue setup, and participant experience before, during, and after bootcamps and Change Network member events. Participate in offering training, speeches, and workshops. Identify and act on ways to improve events in terms of logistics, marketing, and participant experience.
Take on occasional random projects to support a young, fast-growing nonprofit. We’re a small team, and everyone chips in. From time to time, you may be asked to source sweatshirts, research a specific racial equity framework, a dental insurance plan… you’re on it. When someone has a question they can’t answer themselves, they’ll come to you for help.


You have demonstrated experience in the following areas:

As a community organizer who knows how to energize people towards positive system change. Bonus points for organizing with people in different cultures or countries.
As a mentor or coach, ideally in an adult/professional setting.
As one or more of the following:

IDEA (inclusion, diversity, equity, and access) activist
Movement builder
Social media manager
Event producer

You have these critical attributes and skills:

High level of awareness and understanding of issues of equity, privilege, power, exclusion, and oppression.
High empathy and are a clear, and caring communicator with many different kinds of people.
Direct lived experience being excluded, overlooked, or marginalized in civic and cultural institutions.
Ability to spot trends and convert stories you hear from people into frameworks for action and improving your work.
Curious, growth-oriented, and unafraid to take on new things.

You work effectively in remote, fast-moving environments:

You have worked remote in the past and/or you are ready to demonstrate clearly why remote work is a good fit for your skills and attitude.
You are tech savvy and comfortable with Slack, Google Drive, Zoom, and Trello.
You thrive in a dynamic (sometimes chaotic) environment where your job is always changing.
You love measuring things, getting feedback, and striving for self-improvement.
You connect deeply with our mission and embody our organizational core values to share power, bring energy, clear the path, celebrate growth, and apply an equity lens.


Please compile a PDF with two things:

Your responses to the application questions BELOW.
Your resume.
Please email this PDF to by July 29, 2019 to be considered for this role. Please title this PDF with your full name so we can keep track of your application.

OF/BY/FOR ALL is an equal opportunity employer with a goal to empower diverse people to fulfill their full potential. We actively welcome and encourage people of color, black people, indigenous people, non-cisgender people, and people with disabilities to apply. We also welcome and encourage applicants who have a cultural frame that expands beyond the United States, whether based on your immigration history or your current place of residence.

While you must be eligible to work in the US to apply for this job, you do not have to live in the US to do this job.

Tell us a bit about why you are a great candidate for this job.
Share an example of your community organizing work (with links if desired).
Share an example of your mentoring/coaching work (with links if desired).
This is an entirely remote job for a distributed organization. What makes remote work a good fit for your skills and work style?
This is a job that involves equipping people with new tools to build inclusion and equity in the workplace. These people are all committed to change, but they are at different stages of personal growth, awareness, and understanding when it comes to race, exclusion, and oppression. How do you show up for conversations like this, and how do you take care of yourself as you do so?
There’s some flexibility in how this job gets scoped – and things keep changing quickly as we grow quickly. If you could tweak this job description to be the perfect fit for you, what would you change?
Imagine meeting a zoo director who is interested in joining the OF/BY/FOR ALL Change Network program. How would you structure your conversation to understand whether and how their organization could meaningfully participate?
A librarian in the Change Network tells you they are having trouble convincing their boss to take the organization’s commitment to inclusion to the next level. How would you respond?
You notice that many Change Network teams move quickly through the first month of the program but after that, some teams go completely silent or disappear. What steps would you take to assess what’s going on and how to fix it?
Our organization is committed to anti-racist, inclusive practices. We’re also just getting started building our culture of work as an organization. Share one or two inclusive practices or work rituals that you’ve used in the past that you would recommend we consider adopting.
What questions do you have about this job?
Anything else you would like us to know?


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