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Street crossing guard at school crossings during hours when children are going to or coming from school. Directs actions of children and traffic at street intersections to ensure safe crossing. Records license numbers of vehicles disregarding traffic signals and reports infractions to Crossing Guard Coordinator. May escort children across street. Place traffic cones at designated points before going on duty and remove signs at end of shift.

Working at an assigned cross walk, as children arrive, take them safely across the street, watching traffic closely and stopping cars if necessary.
Observe road traffic to determine best timing for road crossing; admit children into designated crossing locations; escort and assist children and pedestrians as needed to ensure safe crossing.
Controlling a STOP paddle effectively to provide approaching road users with a clear, fully direct view of the paddle’s stop message during the entire crossing movement.
Prepare school crossing zone by placing warning cones in the street and turning on the flashing lights to ensure safety. When children are finished crossing, remove cones from street and turn off lights.
Inspect all crossing signage and street conditions for damage and notify proper authorities so the problem can be addressed immediately.
Monitor behavior of children and educate children regarding traffic safety procedures.
Process is repeated twice daily when children travel to and from school.
Communicate all safety hazards to the Crossing Guard Coordinator.


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