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Substitute Educational Interpreter, USDB

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Substitute Educational Interpreter, USDB


If you are interested in a challenging and highly rewarding position working closely with individual students, this is the position for you. A Substitute Educational Interpreter acts as an Educational Interpreter in the absence of the assigned Educational Interpreter.

Principal Duties
As a Substitute Educational Interpreter you will:
Interpret instructor’s lectures, comments, and questions for deaf/hard-of-hearing students in a mainstream classroom setting.
Interpret students’ questions and statements.
Interpret for school functions as assigned.
Adapt signing level and system to the communication needs of the students.
Tutor as appropriate under the supervision of the classroom instructor.
Follow the code of ethics for certified interpreters.
Participate cooperatively as a member of the educational team.
Assist in coordinating note taking for students as needed.
Communicate regularly with instructors, program Director or Specialist and Lead Interpreter about student progress and concerns.
Follow schedule as determined by program Director or Specialist
Willing to improve signing skills through in service and additional classes.

The Ideal Candidate
The Ideal Candidate will possess: EIPA 4.0 or higher, Utah Professional Certificate or National Certification recognized by the Utah Interpreter Program. May give consideration to candidates with EIPA rating 3.5-3.9 or State Novice Certification.
knowledge of the role and function of the Educational Interpreter
techniques and methods of teaching deaf and hearing impaired students
culture in the deaf community, especially as it relates to education
communicate fluently in American Sign Language and other sign systems
Code of Ethics for interpreters
scientific and technical terminology used in various educational subjects
ability to demonstrate broad and fluent use of vocabulary, with a variety of strategies for communicating new vocabulary
use of appropriate signs and sign correctly in a variety of situations
demonstrate proper use of grammar
sign complex constructions
comprehend signed messages accurately
successful completion of a criminal background check

Why You Should Join Our Team
As a Substitute Educational Interpreter you will enjoy a fun working environment will opportunity to move into a full time Interpreter position.


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