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Summer VISTA Volunteer Coordinator

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Summer VISTA Volunteer Coordinator


Salary: AmeriCorps VISTA stipend + ed award
Job Description: Project Goal:
To prevent summer learning loss and increase summer program capacity by both providing direct leadership of volunteers and training volunteers to confidently engage in educational programs in conjunction with Summer VISTA Education Coordinator. Develop a fledgling ambassadorship program and its related volunteer training needs.

Objective 1.
By June 14, 2019, assess existing volunteer recruitment and management processes, research best practices, and understand existing volunteer needs within the organization: materials processing, program assistance, class/camp/workshop material preparation.
Research volunteer tasks, categorize into independent (take-home) projects, adaptive projects (for volunteers with disabilities from Work Activity Center, etc.), and COI-led projects. Keep a running document of these tasks and categories to publish on website, social media in the coming weeks.
Research current volunteer opportunity posting processes (occasionally posted: social media. rarely updated: JustServe, Volunteer Match, LinkedIn. not yet in use: Now Playing Utah. University & community college partners). Identify local best practices and establish a draft of COI’s best practices (to be refined throughout the summer).
Research youth volunteer opportunities in SLC and identify groups and programs that require community service hours (National Honor Society and National Junior Honor Society, parochial schools, service trips, National Honors/service fraternities, etc.)
Create a contact call sheet from recommended programs, collaborators, associates, and cold-calling. Log responses for future use and encourage engagement with incentivized volunteer programs (i.e. frequent volunteer groups get to have a class/project at the end of summer, frequent individual volunteers receive a thank you gift of COI store credit).
Create a sector within Mailchimp to target volunteers and increase volunteer retention.
Identify key messaging components every volunteer should know: mission, materials sourcing, minute-long elevator pitch, among others.
Create a quick reference one-page document to add to volunteer manual.
Create a short quirky video (1 minute)version of this document.
Gather and report regularly on volunteer endeavors to the marketing team for inclusion in public posts and newsletter highlights.

Objective 2.
By June 28, 2019, develop fledgling ambassadorship program and its related volunteer training needs. Create a regularly scheduled volunteer orientation program to be used for recruitment and sustained volunteer engagement purposes. In conjunction with Summer VISTA Education Coordinator, seek opportunities to engage with low-income youth in meaningful projects that encourage STEAM lessons and design thinking.
Ambassadors are trusted individuals who attend events on behalf of COI to discuss our opportunities and impact and report on resources gathered, contacts made. Create recruitment criteria for ambassadors (i.e. enthusiastic, enjoys meeting new people, passionate about creative reuse, responsible, punctual, etc.), a recruitment plan, ambassador orientation, and incentives.
Develop standardized ambassador kits containing print materials, stickers, candy or treats as needed to entice passersby (consider weather/temperature effects on candies), project samples, signage, etc. and the requisite check-in / out sheet and the restock checklist attached to each kit – or another system as convenience and efficiency necessitate.
Research, select and implement a simple, effective volunteer scheduling system that requires low staff engagement from COI to manage.
Create and test pilot volunteer orientation event (to be run monthly? biweekly? weekly?)
Recruit and train volunteers for summer programs, camps, and outreach events.
Plan and execute Mega Sort-A-Thon event.
Facilitate volunteer-only events (i.e. sort days, Mega Sort-A-Thon, program material prep days) to engage volunteers directly, discuss mission, materials, and environmental and artistic impact of creative reuse – especially targeting youth group and school service students – in service learning style sessions, including discussion of learning objectives and closing reflections.

Objective 3.
By July 26, 2019, iterate volunteer orientation day and refine objectives, process, and procedures. Launch ambassadorship program and develop messaging to continue the program throughout the year. Work closely with the VISTA Program Coordinator and Outreach Coordinator to maintain a deep knowledge base and keep information and research available to the organization after the end of the Summer Associate term.
Create an email survey (or similar) to ask volunteers about motivating incentives, ideal days/times, etc, useful referrals.
Lead and collect feedback from volunteer orientation and ambassador orientation.
Refine approach and print materials as needed.
Continue to create opportunities to test iterations of these projects with the target age serving low-income and marginalized youth, especially with the support of Summer VISTA Education Coordinator and their volunteer team.

Objective 4.
By August 11, tidy loose ends, finalize documents and prepare to hand off summer accomplishments.
Create a comprehensive exit report of all documents, processes, procedures, developed throughout the service term. Include responses to all anticipated questions and explain everything clearly.

Location: Salt Lake City

How to Apply:
All applications must go through the linked page.
Closing Date: 05/10/19


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