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Utah State Flag Design Submission

Posted by Utah Department of Cultural and Community Engagement ; Posted on 
Call for Artists - DEADLINE :  
Utah State Flag Design Submission


Flag Design Submission Criteria
The Design Review Committee will be looking for flag designs that represent Utah’s unique identity and common values. A winning design should be factually accurate, inclusive, and demonstrate good flag design principles, with the following suggestions:

  • Be simple. A child should be able to draw it from memory.
  • Use meaningful symbolism. Images and colors should relate to what they symbolize.
  • Use two or three basic colors.
  • Avoid lettering or seals.
  • Be distinctive: Utah’s state flag should stand out from others.

Submission Rules:

  • Designs should be submitted on 3×5 inch paper or digital format in 3×5 inch proportions.
  • Applicants agree that alterations or revisions can be made by the Design Review Committee (applicants will be consulted).
  • Submissions should include the submitter’s name, and contact information (Review committee will not see this information when judging the submissions.)
  • Applicants may submit up to three designs. (No more than three designs will be accepted from one applicant).
  • Applicants agree to release all rights to the design if the full design or any component of it is adopted as the state flag.

Other considerations:

  • Avoid graduated colors (which can be difficult to print).
  • The best designs can be drawn in a 1×1.5 inch rectangle (imagine the flag as a shoulder patch).
  • Designs that can be made in various proportions (2×3 inch; 3×5 inch) succeed better.
  • Avoid placing dark colors next to dark colors, and light colors next to light colors.
  • Consider how the design will look when the flag hangs loose and in a strong wind.
  • Consider how easy the flag design would be to sew.