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As events start heating back up ticket scammers and scalpers are back on the prowl for your money. Protect yourself and your tickets by learning how to buy tickets safely.

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How to Avoid Ticket Scams:

  • Do your research
    • If you see tickets on sale before the official release date…DON’T BUY!!
  • Make sure the site is an authorized ticket seller (I.E.:,, 24tix, smithtix, ticketmaster)
  • Create an online account with the authorized ticket seller
  • Don’t panic if you are on a waitlist or if tickets are ‘sold out’…you would rather not go than spend money on fraudulent tickets
  • If you choose to engage in the secondary ticket market:
    • Vet the source, especially if you don’t personally know the individual you are buying from
    • Check the publicized price of tickets. If the original ticket costs significantly lower than the ticket you are purchasing, proceed cautiously and do some more research on the tickets/seller.
    • Double check the tickets you are buying
      • Where are the seats?
      • Is there an age restriction?
      • Are there any special conditions?
    • Read the terms and conditions
    • Pay by credit or debit card
    • Don’t transfer cash into reseller’s account
    • Get a receipt

Common Ticketing Scams

  • Fraudulent resale websites, often advertised through search engines, that sell tickets priced much higher than the venue price.
  • Sellers who create and sell fake tickets for events.
  • Sellers who resell their tickets and then contact the ticket office to have their “lost” tickets reprinted. The reprinted tickets then become invalid.
  • Sellers who offer tickets for sale, often through social media, that they have not purchased and have no intention of purchasing.


Unfortunately scammers are always coming up with new ways to get your money. If you are a VICTIM of ticket fraud no matter how big or small please use the following guide:

  • Contact the resale website
  • Contact your bank and request a chargeback
  • You need to report it… (**NOTE: Consumer Protections does NOT act until they are reported)
  • The Utah Division of Consumer Protection investigates the following types of ticket purchase complaints: misrepresentations about a ticket, including the price of a ticket or the benefits the ticket will provide; misrepresentations implying or stating the seller is affiliated with a venue or artist when they are not; failure by a seller to deliver a ticket or failure to deliver a ticket in the timeframe represented; or other similar issues related to the sale or offer for sale of tickets.
    • Consumers can file a complaint with the Division of Consumer Protection by visiting and clicking on “File a Complaint.”