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NEXT Ensemble

Next Ensemble
Why Does Classical Musical Matter Today?

Classical music has an image problem. It is often considered music for the elite, for the educated, for the “cultured” (whatever that means) and has been perceived as exclusionary. We at NEXT Ensemble don’t buy that – we see classical music as one type of music among many, with equal ability to move people, to communicate, and to sometimes even get them to tap their toes. Classical music has a long history, yes, but it also lives very much in the present and its ultimate job – to connect people through sound—has remained unchanged. NEXT Ensemble seeks to bring those connections front and center, using music as a lens through which we might understand ourselves, our past, and one another just a bit better.

We focus upon the human element in the stories of the music we tell. We seek to instigate conversation, not tell people what they are supposed to feel and think about the music. Instead of just performing pieces and expecting audiences to “get it” (although we don’t believe there’s a singular “it” to “get”), we engage a host to talk between pieces, suggesting things to listen for, introducing the performers, interviewing composers, dropping bits of stories about the music or composers along the way, taking questions, etc. – essentially acting as a tour guide through the concert. Furthermore, our organization lives in the very community in which it serves: that means we are tuned in to local

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