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The Oratorio Society of Utah

The Oratorio Society of Utah

Oratorio Society of Utah was founded in 1915 as a non-denominational Utah choral organization by Professor Squire Coop, an internationally trained musician. During its 97 year history more than 10,000 singers have been counted among its ranks. Oratorio Society of Utah is perhaps best known for its 78-year tradition of performing Handel’s Messiah at the Salt Lake Tabernacle.

Oratorio Society of Utah has performed many great classical works such as Beethoven’s Christ on the Mount of Olives, Mendelssohn’s Elijah, Haydn’s Creation, and contemporary masterpieces such as Jeff Manookian’s Symphony of Tears and Requiem, which premiered at The Madeleine Festival of the Arts and Humanities in 2000 and 2004. Oratorio Society of Utah has performed in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Edmonton, Pasadena, and other national and international concert venues.

Accompanying orchestras include Utah Symphony, Pasadena Symphony, Intermountain Classical Orchestra, Nachtmusik, Madeleine Festival Orchestra and the Israel Symphony Orchestra.

Oratorio Society of Utah has been fortunate to perform under internationally recognized music director greats such as Squire Coop, Louis Lane, Crawford Gates, Amos Mellor, Uri Mayer, Thor Johnson, Marlow Nielson, Morris F. Lee, Albert Southwick, Sandor Salgo and Loris Tjeknavorian.

The choral group has a rich broadcast history and has been featured on NBC, CBS, PBS and other radio and television networks. Oratorio Society of Utah is recognized in the Encyclopedia Britannica.


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  1. During the 80’s I sang with the Society for seven years and wondered when you might be rehearsing as I am coming to Utah to visit my daughter and would love to attend a rehearsal as I still have an Ebenezer Prout edition of Handel’s Messiah along with the Watkins Shaw Novello and the standard G. Schirmer edition. I also have a Silver plated plate-plaque commemorating the 1980 performance of the

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    • Hi, Stephen

      Sorry for not noticing your comment sooner. We had our fist rehearsal today. Please join us for the next one. We rehearse on Sunday evenings from 4:30 to 6:30 at the Cottonwood Presbyterian Church on Vine Street. Please bring the sprout edition. Our performance is closer to that one, I believe.

      We look forward to seeing you.


    • Hello.
      Did you sing the Messiah with them in the 1980’s? If so, was Edward Pierson (my dad) the bass soloist?

      Thank you,
      Ed(ward) Pierson, IV


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