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Now Playing Utah is a charitable service that showcases transformative cultural experiences across Utah. Support is provided by:

Utah Performing Arts - Costumebrismio'

Utah Performing Arts - Costumebrismio'


For Utah Theater Professionals and those who love creating a look for plays and festivals…Utah Performing Arts, offers through Costumebrismio’,  fun and affordable costume designs. Offering themes from the Medieval time periods to the Renaissance to vintage Victorian 1800’s -1900’s, along with custom orders.

Utah Performing Arts, began as a small collection of literary works of the author, Anne W, which include:

Looking for talented and motivated people for the Utah Theater Productions of:

“In the Manner of Men”, a medieval love story, “Humblepie and Frippery”, a Renaissance comedy.


 These copyrighted plays are full length, musically inspired and offer the talented theater individual many paid roles to choose from as a part of an ensemble cast or production crew.

For more on opportunities for directing, crew, actors:

For more on costumes:



Our Response to COVID-19:

We urge participants to receive their 3rd vaccinations for Covid and apply common sense procedures at all gatherings and events.

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