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Weber County Library

Weber County Library

The Mission of the Weber County is to provide relevant information services to all segments of the community, enabling people to make meaningful decisions in their lives and participate as full-fledged members of the democratic society.

Information is the currency of democracy; it is their duty to provide the information people require in order to study all sides of any issue and then make a personal decision as to how to best participate in the democratic process.

They will abide by the ethical principles embodied in the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement. It is their responsibility to provide an environment of “neutral ground” where all may come together to gain information, to affirm a common good, and to pursue both group and individual goals.

They will strive to serve as the social glue that binds people together in a sense of “community” in order to affirm a common good and to pursue common goals. For example: to provide a place where residents find civic cohesion and social solidarity from something other than a common race, a common religion, or a common culture.


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