Carrie Trenholm

Carrie Trenholm



   Cedar City, UT

Carrie Trenholm has led multiple art workshops for schools and teachers for most of her art education career.  In 2015 she retired to focus on her artistic career with fused glass, a passion that began in 2000. Over the last few years she has presented fused glass workshops for teachers, adults, and the public .  In the workshops participants learn how to use a variety of glass materials, understand chemical and physical changes that occur during the firing process, and explore a colorful medium that will delight and ignite a passion for glass.

She recently completed a two year fused glass mural project with the students at North Elementary in Cedar City.  Five teachers received funding from UDAM to learn how to use fused glass as an art medium during a two day summer workshop.  Each teacher selected a science core content area to focus the mural panels on such as planets, weather, plants, and land. Students used pre-fired glass (no sharp edges!) frit, stringer, and confetti to create a collaborative mural panel and an individual glass piece.  Having taught many fused glass workshops for all ages, Carrie has all the materials organized and ready to provide a hands-on activity in any area of the state. The fused glass workshop can be customized to align with your project goals.

Carrie Trenholm started her career as a secondary visual art educator in the Iron County School District.  After teaching at both middle and high school levels she was hired as the Beverly Taylor Sorenson Endowed Chair of Elementary Arts Education at Southern Utah University in 2006.  A lifelong supporter of arts education she was actively involved in the Utah Arts Education Association, and served as Co-President of UAEA. Carrie Trenholm was awarded the 2015 Governor’s Education Leadership in the Arts Award for the state of Utah.