Rosemarie Howard

Rosemarie Howard



   170 North Main, Springville, UT, 84663

It’s Rosemarie’s belief that storytelling helps build bridges between cultures and enables us to see things from another’s perspective. The power of story can help heal emotional wounds, build a classroom or corporate culture, and connect us with our families — past, present, and future. Story is the thread that binds our lives together.

She brings a background of theatre and education to her performances and workshops. Using her storytelling performance and coaching skills, along with theatre games and activities, music and puppets, she promotes literacy skills and facilitates:

• understanding of story structure and writing
• increasing listening skills
• use of imagination
• creating a classroom community

She agrees wholeheartedly with this statement made by the U.S. Department of Education: “Storytelling can ignite the imaginations of children, giving them a taste of where books can take them. The excitement of storytelling can make reading and learning fun and can instill in children a sense of wonder about life and learning.”

For the past fifteen years, Rosemarie has been telling stories in a variety of venues: libraries, schools, church gatherings, birthday parties, and corporate Christmas parties. She has performed at the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, the Weber State Storytelling Festival, the Hans Christian Andersen Festival, and Provo First Night, Thanksgiving Point’s summer children’s program, Red Butte Garden’s Garden After Dark, and the Salt Lake City Grand America Hotel’s Christmas Tea. For eight years, she coordinated and performed as a storyteller for audiences of all ages at “Artful Tales,” a weekly Monday evening event offered by the BYU Museum of Art.

Rosemarie is available for performances, residencies, and workshops. She is open to working with other artists. Performance needs: A hand-held microphone for large performance spaces. Other specifics will be discussed with individual organizations

Over the past nine years, Rosemarie has worked with elementary school children as an artist-in-residence with the Utah Arts Council telling stories and helping children and their teachers create story theater. It has been a richly rewarding experience. Using arts in the classroom can encourage and inspire students, and their teachers, to learn and accomplish things they might not otherwise have attempted doing. Rosemarie would love to work with you and your students.

Her company, Dramatic Dimensions, L.L.C. offers arts-based curriculum packages that focus on required core curricular subject matter. A package entitled “Professor Puppet’s Adventure in Nicotine Land” is currently available, and can be found online at:

Please visit her website for more information about Arts Council residencies, workshops, and storytelling performances. She can also be reached at 801-342-5435.