Paul Boruff

Paul Boruff


   467 Post Street, Salt Lake City, UT, 84104

Paul will be performing at the Wrap-up Celebration (Safety & Health Fair)
Utah Cultural Celebration Center
1355 W 3100 S
5:30 – 8 p.m.

I will be performing from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm on the inside stage. See you there.

Paul Boruff, a native of Phoenix, Arizona, enjoys performing for people of all ages. At the age of five or six, he was captured on home movies singing Elvis Presley songs, and doing his best to entertain. Paul began playing the guitar at about the age of ten. The music he was exposed to was quite varied and was rich in diversity: Buddy Holly, The Beatles, Hank Williams, Eddie Arnold, Chet Atkins, Bob Dylan, Nat King Cole and Crosby, Stills and Nash. Paul’s father was the primary music influence in those early years, and his music was mostly country with a mixture of thirties and forties classics thrown in. During Paul’s four years with the United States Navy he performed in the Admiral’s Band, out of Memphis, Tennessee. The style was “Big Band.” The Navy gave him opportunity to travel and to experience music of many other cultures. Paul has traveled and performed all over the world from London to Dover, from Zurich to Gda?sk and from Amsterdam to Paris. In the United States he performs from Alaska to Florida and California to New York. Paul’s acoustic style includes all the influences of his past. His forte is vocals and his singing has been described as “each word is an event.” Making music comes as easily to him as breathing; his expansive repertoire transcends the barriers of age and cultural differences. Whether it is an original interpretation of an old standard or a tune of his own creation, Paul sings from the heart and plays from his soul. Music has also been a catalyst for other art forms inspiring Paul in performances for theater and film, and even oil painting. In addition to touring, house concerts, theatre performances and film he has been actively involved with the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival, winning in various categories for nine years. When the Festival was hosted in Salt Lake City he had the opportunity to open the show at Kingsbury Hall. The diversity of Paul’s music has lead to many adventures. He has opened for Taj Mahal and Charlie Daniels. He has performed at Michael Martin Murphy’s West Fest and for international heads of states at the World Peace Forum including President Ford. I enjoy the history of the fur trapping era! In my first-person performance I stand before my audience as a nameless Mountain Man in authentic buckskins who weaves music and story-telling into fresh, exciting accounts of the famous men who first ventured up the Missouri. I recount my adventures with John Colter, Jedediah Smith, Joe Meek, and Cannibal Bill as we search for and trap beaver and deal with the every-day excitement of Indian encounters, bear encounters, river encounters, buffalo encounters and whiskey encounters. By improvising I include the audience in the excitement and even in my performance. The songs are original, the stories are true—Waugh! We don’t lie in the Mountains!” RESUMÉ FILM ROLE Inspector 42 Chalkman Snowglobe Professor The Adventures of Power Hippie Musician Breakthrough to Win The Mad Scientist Mountain Meadow’s Massacre Mountain Man VIDEO The Man Who Never Died Musician THEATRE Samm-Art Williams’ Home Musician Lonne Elder’s Cememonies in Musician Dark Old Men Edgar Lee Master’s Various roles Spoon River Anthology and Musician Woody Allen’s Father Drobney Don’t Drink the Water TRAINING Opera from Glendale Community College in Glendale, Arizona, tutored by Jerome Hines AA Art Degree from Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, Arizona Professional Touring Musician SKILLS and INTERESTS Equine Training from Scottsdale Community College, I am a skilled horse rider; I am a professional musician, I play guitar and sing, write music and have been a music director for many stage productions. Past projects: Instructor and Coordinator for Elderhostel: Current projects include The Grand Loop, a touring class based on music and travel diaries; Lewis and Clark, a touring class based on the diaries and trail of the Corp of Discovery; Waterton/Glacier/Banff a touring class in three National Parks.