Diamond Jim Davis

Diamond Jim Davis


Website: http://www.periodplayers.com

 810 981 8500

   1325 Iola Ave, Salt Lake City, UT, 84104

If Harry Potter and Annie Oakley were to have a son you’d get: Diamond Jim Davis! Introducing Diamond Jim. An award winning entertainer and magician who has performed for over 20 years. He was a cowboy entertainer and the house magician at The Wagonmaster Restaurant in Murray Utah for nearly five years. He has been president of the Intermountain Magicians Assembly and International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 193 in Salt Lake City Utah. Some of his clients include: Utah Power, Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department, SceneMakers, Liddiard Furniture Company, Utah Renaissance Festival, Delta Air Lines, Pilkington Metal Finishing, Iasis Health Care, This Is The Place Heritage Park, The Lawmen Band, Utah Bank and countless churches, families and individuals! Diamond Jim is a traditional magician and a character magician – an actor who likes to use magic in portrayals. He is best know as a cowboy, but is not stuck to the cowboy character. However it is an audience favorite! He writes and recites poetry and might just wax poetic if asked! Diamond Jim is a Reverend. He can legally perform your wedding ceremony. If you have a theme for your wedding, give him a shout and you will end up with the one of a kind ceremony that friends and family will remember, and talk about, for years to come. ~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~ Some characters include, but are not limited to: Diamond Jim “The Cardslinger”, the original eastern philanthropist gone west. The storyteller who’s stories are bigger than life. A gambling, drinking, womanizer, who is running from something in his past. A railroad man who understands how to fleece the unlearned. He takes advantage in every situation, but most times, it backfires and he’s the brunt of the joke. Gun toting, he’s never had to use it, and wouldn’t know how to anyway. He pride’s himself on his "slight of tongue" and his apparent "higher schooling." ~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~ Sir Diamond, a sword swinging swashbuckler, always good for a laugh. He’s not a pirate, rather a privateer in the Queen’s employ. He earned the title "Sir" by thwarting a conspiracy on the Queen’s life by being in the right place at the right time! Ok so he’s not Johnny Depp, but his quick wit will leave you in hysterics! ~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~ The Traditional Magician, tux, top hat, bow tie! Classic magic never looked so professional. High brow for those so-called pompous occasions. In his own words: "As a character performer and writer, I can create anything to suit someone’s needs. I am versatile and can perform in any condition or venue; tux to t-shirt, cowboy to conjurer, bizarre to normal, even a pirate! Call me to make your occasion eventful and unforgettable." ~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~ Some of the styles of magic Diamond Jim performs are: Close up: Cards, cups, coins… everyday objects seem to take a life of their own in "your" hands. It’s magic right under your nose! Parlor / Small Stage: Intimate magic for small groups. A show tailored to the size and theme of your group and venue. Large Stage: Any house size, large scale magic with lots of audience participation. Trade Show: Use magic to catch the attention of those passing by your booth. Diamond Jim will drop your name multiple times in "sales" presentation. Ask about his infamous strait jacket escape and the award winning Cups and Bullets! ~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~ Diamond Jim is also available for magic and character development lessons. He has been featured as a lecturer on both subjects. ~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~ His magic has been seen on FOX13, KUTV, KSL and even heard on the ROCK 99 morning zoo. He has worked with charities like: The Christmas Box House, The Cancer Wellness House, The Murray City Police (Tip a Cop night) and the National Crime Prevention Council – McGruff. ~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~ Diamond Jim has surrounded himself with some of the greatest friends that money could buy. His fellow performers at Outlaw Entertainers are professionals. Each person brings a unique character or feel to the act. If you book any of them you’ll agree with him, that is money well spent. “I’ve got the greatest posse this side of the Mississippi! We always have a grand time. As U.S. Marshal and Reverend, when I holler ‘Say your Prayers’ I’m actually proclaiming their last rites!” – Diamond Jim ~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~ Here’s what some of Diamond Jim’s clients have said: "Holy $#*&! That’s Magic!" – Trent, Jiffy Lube. "Thanks for bringing so much life (and death) to the Village…" – Brian Westover, This Is The Place Heritage Park. “Wait, How did you, That’s not possible……Show me that one again!! What the…Where’d it go…#&^$%$* Diamond Jim!" – Travis Holmquist, Delta Air Lines. “No way! That’s unreal!” – Some kid in a Boy Scout uniform. “Take Out The Trash!” – Cynthia, Diamond Jim’s wife. “Diamond Jim…People that make you go Hmmmmmmm!” ~~~~~~~oOo~~~~~~~ If you are ready for fast paced, fun entertainment, call: 801-981-8500