Better Days 2020 update - school and city/county toolkits available now!

Dear friends of Better Days 2020, We appreciate your interest in commemorating next year's suffrage anniversaries and honoring Utah women's contributions to our state. I'm writing to let you know that we now have toolkits…

Dear friends of Better Days 2020,

We appreciate your interest in commemorating next year’s suffrage anniversaries and honoring Utah women’s contributions to our state. I’m writing to let you know that we now have toolkits available for schools and for cities/counties. They’re on the website that will be the landing page for our public awareness campaign next year: Click the “Learn More” buttons under each category to see what’s included, and please feel free to pass the link along to local educators or your town/county government so they can sign up. Toolkits for cultural organizations will be available in early December and I’ll send the link out as soon as they’re up. These kits will be similar to the ones for cities and counties, but with even more resources.

In addition to the toolkits, we’re constantly adding to our educational site at You can check out our recent blog posts, read up on key women in Utah history, learn more about suffrage history in your area, and share our educator resources with any teachers you know. We’re working on some exciting events and projects for next year, and we love speaking to women’s clubs, youth groups, service organizations, you name it. If you know of a group that would enjoy learning more about suffrage or women’s activism in Utah, please feel free to connect us! Follow us on social media (@betterdays2020) for more history and news of upcoming events.

Updates on a few other projects:
We’re pleased that the Ladies’ Literary Clubhouse in SLC won 8th place in the National Trust’s voting competition for historic preservation funding! Clubhouse partnered with BD2020 and Preservation Utah to apply for the program, and they’ll receive a $150,000 grant to shore up the building’s crumbling front porch and make it ADA accessible. This beautiful women’s building will host several of suffrage-related events next year.
Brooke Smart’s illustrated series of 50 Utah women’s advocates is currently touring the state (schedule here), and larger prints of the illustrations will be on display in the 4th floor of the State Capitol for 2020. The full set of 50 illustrations as trading cards is now available through our online store and at several museum shops. The book Champions of Change: 25 Women Who Made History features 25 of Brooke’s illustrations and is available wherever you buy books.
Thank you for your continued support for Better Days 2020! As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions, or to add any events you are planning to our calendar.