Working Title: Utah Women

Working Title: Utah Women

Posted by Granary Arts

Posted: Mar, 14, 2016

Call for Artists


 (435) 283-3456

 Ephraim, UT, 84627

Saturday, March 7, 2020 / 1-4pm
Granary Arts along with artists Jann Haworth and Alex Johnstone invite you to participate in “Working Title: Utah Women” to celebrate the impact of Utah women. Give voice to your community and help us create this massive public work that will celebrate the impact of women across Utah.

What women do you hold in high esteem? Who would you put on a mural? Help us create a list of local women who should be included in the mural. They can be historical or contemporary, famous or less-known. We are looking for women who are community centric and remarkable in some way. Each portrait will be created by cutting a stencil likeness of a woman who has made a difference to the state. Participants will be guided through the stencil process, this allows people with no previous art experience to create original stencil portraits.

This is a free art workshop, Granary Arts welcomes all in the community to participate.