Outreach Science Program Educator

Outreach Science Program Educator

Posted by Discovery Gateway Children's Museum

Posted: Mar, 14, 2016

Jobs: Education, Full Time

Website: https://utahnonprofits.org/membership/job-board/9-human-services/21220-outreach-science-program-educa?rootid=1

 Salt Lake City, UT, 84101

Job Summary: Under the direct supervision of the Outreach Education Senior Manager, the Outreach Science Program Educator will present their assigned Discovery Gateway science outreach program in schools throughout the state of Utah during the current school year, and may present the Discovery Gateway Teacher Professional Development Program according to the iSEE schedule. Outreach Science Program Educators will be required to travel across the state of Utah. In addition, Outreach Science Program Educators will also be required to participate in science related programming events and activities to include but not limited to Open House for Public Officials, Museum Day at the Capital, annual UEA conventions, Children’s Festival, and Bumblebee Bash.

Employment Classification: Full-Time, benefit eligible, Exempt Status. Typical schedule is Monday – Friday.
Primary Responsibilities: General Responsibilities:
Program Preparation: Prepare assembly equipment and assemble hands-on kits for presentations in advance. Monitor supplies and materials ensuring enough supplies and materials to adequately present the program. Alert the Outreach Coordinator or Senior Manager to low supplies in a timely manner.

Present Outreach Program: Present fun and engaging science outreach programs at elementary schools throughout the state of Utah, generally two each day when possible.

Travel with Program: Travel varying distances to each school and take several 2– 5 day trips throughout September, October, March, and April.

Maintain current and accurate records: This includes mileage reimbursement and reconciliation of receipts associated with the Discovery Gateway assigned credit card, teacher surveys, student evaluations, etc. Submit all forms and receipts in accordance with Discovery Gateway Policies and Procedures.

Travel: Abide by all traffic laws, including adhering to the speed limit, safe driving practices, and not texting or using a cell-phone while operating a motor vehicle. Proof of Insurance and clean driving record required. Note that all moving violations are the responsibility of the driver.

Attend Compulsory Meetings & Training Sessions: This includes Outreach Science Program Staff Meetings, Discovery Gateway All-Staff meetings, and Morning Operation meetings when on-site.

Equipment Maintenance: Maintain equipment and inform Outreach Coordinator or Senior Manager of vehicle maintenance needs. Equipment will be checked out upon employment; Outreach Science Program Educators will assume all financial responsibility for replacement of lost or broken equipment beyond normal wear-and-tear including cleaning costs.

Email must be checked at a minimum
How to Apply: Email Resume to Jwilson@discoverygateway.org
Compensation Type: Hourly wages
Salary/Wage: 12.00 an hour

Status: Full Time
Location: Salt lake city