Stage Theater Director, Set Manager

Stage Theater Director, Set Manager


 (801) 671-6027

 Riverton, Herriman, UT, 84096

Director (Theater Stage)

Pt-Ft, as needed per play

A one month production lead time and up to two months production time for each play; (approx. 7-12 shows)

These stage plays are seasonal with spring to summer schedules and fall to winter schedules and can be adjusted as necessary for scheduling purposes.

These plays are for the Utah theater market only and can be produced for any Utah theater; minimum seating up to 700+

This position is a competitive salaried position with possible bonuses per each play upon successful completion. The Director is paid upon completion of each play. Salary is based upon Utah standard rates.

These plays require someone with experience in theater stage production, preferably with a degree in theater as a major or minor degree (2 yrs) preferred or two theater credits along with references.

These plays are full length plays, approx. 3 hrs.

These plays are for all ages and have a high standard in regards to content, actions and language.

These plays are open to the producer or co-producer and or Director to commit to one or all for the year as desired.

A standard agreement, along with a NDA is required and approved by my legal firm, which protects the individual and the playwright/

These plays require a clean background check and references (2).

This is an immediate hire with the potential to produce plays for the year 2021.

The Producer (Writer), Co-producer and Director would have the option to work out all options for other locations, with potential schedules available for the plays, along with Directing the plays at any other location within Utah if so desired.

The following opportunities are also available and pay a standard Utah pay scale for each position with a potential for bonuses after successful completion of each play they are hired for.

Art Director – Immediate hire for  Summer production of “Found Objects”

Set Designer/Props Manager – Immediate hire for  Summer Production of “Found Objects”

Costumes Manager – Immediate hire for  Summer Production of “Found Objects”

Choreographer and/or Music Director -Immediate hire for  Summer Production of “Found Objects”

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