STAGE MANAGER - Performing Arts

STAGE MANAGER - Performing Arts

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Posted: Jul, 13, 2021

Jobs: Artistic, Development, Full Time, Marketing, Operations, Part Time


 NA, Riverton, UT, 84065


Performing Arts – Theater Stage Plays

The main function of these production team positions is to:

  • Fulfill the job description as it pertains to the play in progress
  • Maintain ethical standards while working on production
  • Ensures that the current production can meet its schedule
  • Reports to the Director and Owner/Writer as needed
  • Maintains the confidentiality of the play as it pertains to the NDA (non-disclosure agreement)


Objectives of this Role

  • STAGE MANAGER works closely with the Director to ensure all stage management fits in the guidelines of the play, theater and the goal of the writer to completion.
  • Manages production organization by establishing responsibilities, rolls, clear communication with the Director on stage management activities.
  • Acts as Director, if needed.
  • Coordinates with the Director to ensure casting positions are filled, rehearsal schedule is sufficient, light and sound needs are met, and costumes and set are put together and performance ready.
  • Creates production flow schedule for rehearsals.
  • Follows through with rehearsals and shows.

Manages aspects of the facility related to the Theater including alignment with mission, appearance & condition, space allocation and security

  • Learns, understands, runs and trouble shoots all Theater and Sound equipment including lighting system, PA system, theater sound system, blue ray player and projector
  • Works with the Costume Director to organize and manage costumes and prop collection.

*Salary is based on experience in Business Management, from $20K with additional bonuses upon successful completion of each play.

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