Sep 27 2016
The Top Ten Costliest Estate Planning Mistakes

The Top Ten Costliest Estate Planning Mistakes

Presented by Utah Valley University at Utah Valley University

The Top Ten Costliest Estate Planning Mistakes

So you took the time and spent the money and had your estate planning done. Congratulations! However, are you sure that the plan you have avoids some common estate planning pitfalls? These mistakes can cost you and your family both peace of mind and a lot of money.


This seminar concentrates on dealing with the ten most common problems that courts and attorneys have to try to resolve after the fact and will help you recognize the pitfalls in your own plans. This gives you a chance to fix them before they become an issue, leaving you with peace of mind and family harmony.


This seminar will cover the following and more:



Tuesday, September 27, noon – 2:00 p.m.

Lunch provided to registrants

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2016/09/27 - 2016/09/27

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Utah Valley University

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