May 08 - 10 2017
Test Driven Development in Salt Lake City with Unc...

Test Driven Development in Salt Lake City with Unc...

Presented by Uncle Bob Consulting, LLC at The Falls Event Center

Are you a Test-Driven Developer?
Maybe you have heard of it but don’t know where to start. Maybe you practice it already and need a refresher or want to see best-practices in action? Come learn from one of the founders of the “Manifesto fo Agile Software Development”, Uncle Bob himself!

This is a 3-day hands-on course in which students learn Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Refactoring. This course alternates between lecture and exercise so that students can experience, first-hand, the practices and disciplines of these fundamental topics.

o Professionalism, Craftsmanship, and Clean Code.

o Code Smells.

o De-odorizing code by using refactorings

o Unit testing, and Test Driven Development

o Design Patterns that facilitate testing and refactoring.

o This course is for .NET developers who want to learn, or sharpen, the skills of TDD and Refactoring.

Learning Outcomes

o Understand how to improve code without risking breakage.

o The ability to create automated test suites that run quickly.

o How to keep the code running at all times.

o How to use NUnit.

o Facility with Test Doubles such a Mocks, Fakes, and Stubs.

o Identification and remediation of code smells.

o A disciplined and practical approach to software development.


This is an exercise driven course. Each topic is driven home through the use of hands-on exercises in which the students must work together to write new code, or alter existing code to resolve, enhance and improve the quality of the code. Students will refactor exsiting code in order to improve it. They will use NUnit to write unit tests. They will write Mock Objects in order to isolate modules and facilitate testing.

Admission Info

Phone: 1 224 475 2202


Dates & Times

2017/05/08 - 2017/05/10

Location Info

The Falls Event Center

580 S. 600 E., Salt Lake City, UT 84102