Oct 18 2019
15 Bytes Book Awards in Poetry Reading, Book Signi...

15 Bytes Book Awards in Poetry Reading, Book Signi...

Presented by Utah Humanities and Artists of Utah at The Printed Garden

The Printed Garden: Artists of Utah presents the 15 Bytes Book Award for Non-fiction. This year’s book award winner Rob Carney will read alongside finalists Lance Larsen. Tacey Atsitty’s poetry has an exceptionally strong connection to place in a bone-dry desert landscape inhabited by modern-day Navajos and Mormons as well as ghosts of the past. Rain scald is a skin disease that horses get from too much moisture, or as Atsitty writes, when standing (in rain) for so long, you no longer hear/ or feel it falling, you believe it’s stopped. Step away.  Her words pull the reader across a cultural boundary using imagery and metaphors drawn from a Navajo worldview. Lance Larsen’s What the Body Knows is a dazzling array of anaphoric prose poems, interspersed with poems with questions and answers, allowing the poets trust of sudden thought and language to jolt him away, trust what the brain sparks, what the body has retained, and to feel the present more wholly. This book doesn’t flinch. Its poems are searchlights for where he is in the moment, where wild connections and memories surface, in a voice that loves honesty and humor.The Book of Sharks reads like Apocrypha; the language feels like it earned something from time or is itself infused with time. This book brings the sharks to you alive and swimming all the while invoking the prehistoric flavors and fears that sharks invoke in us. This event is made possible by Artists of Utah 15 Bytes, The Printed Garden, and Utah Humanities.

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2019/10/18 - 2019/10/18

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The Printed Garden

9445 S Union Sq, Sandy, UT 84070