Mar 20 2020
May 08 2020
Modern West | Interpreted Landscapes - Group Exhib...

Modern West | Interpreted Landscapes - Group Exhib...

Presented by Modern West Fine Art at Online/Virtual Space

Interpreted Landscapes – A group show of artists with unique and varied approaches to the long-standing tradition of landscape.

Liberty Blake creates geometric abstract collages using primarily salvaged papers that reference places both wild and urban; Shalee Cooper’s bold but minimal works hint at interpretations of natural formations and play on positive and negative space; Al Denyer’s detailed and meticulous works explore both macro and micro “landscapes;” Nathan Florence approaches painting his local landscape with the curiosity and the alert perception that a constantly shifting landscape demands, capturing the Wasatch mountains with enhanced and vivid hues; Kiki Gaffney carefully depicts natural and organic forms paired with constructed patterns, rendered in graphite and mixed media; Levi Jackson uses an interdisciplinary approach to his work combining photography, painting, and installation with a nod to performance; Dimitri Kozyrev’s large, semi-abstract paintings seek to recreate the pure structure of urban landscape; Michael Namingha cuts landscapes apart by fracturing them, he incorporates bold fragmented shapes of color which provides

a multi-dimensional illusion to the work. Pia van Nuland is pushing the medium of linocut printmaking
to a new level by creating large scale, vibrant multi-color prints on canvas; and John Vehar uses landscape as an allegory painting large-scale abstract and atmospheric works

Also featured in Interpreted Landscapes are guest artists, Peter Dawson, Mark England and Dan Gerhart. Dawson’s photographs document the mysterious and unrepeatable moments right at the edge of storms and harsh environments; England’s paintings depict detailed, panoramic aerial-view landscapes that he describes as “maps of time, culture, dreams, and perceptions;” and Dan Gerhart’s work correlates years of immersion in the alpine landscape with a lifelong exploration of the visual arts. The results of which are non-literal intuitive responses to the landscape.

With the combination of a wide range of mediums and dynamic artistic visons, Interpreted Landscapes will have you seeing your surroundings in a whole new light.

Dates & Times

2020/03/20 - 2020/05/08

Location Info

Online/Virtual Space

Online/Virtual, UT 00000