Aug 08 2020
Sep 05 2020
Tor Archer and Chris Gwaltney Exhibition at Julie ...

Tor Archer and Chris Gwaltney Exhibition at Julie ...

Presented by Julie Nester Gallery at Julie Nester Gallery

Tor Archer works primarily from the solitary, standing female form as a representation of the life giving, nurturing and creative force of Nature and the archetypal association of the female body with the earth. He works primarily with copper (for its malleability and history as an archaic metal), bronze and marble.

In Chris Gwaltney’s latest series of paintings, he is starting to move away from the human figure as the central topic of his artwork. By using an abstract style, he strives to capture/elicit a mood or emotion while not relying on a recognizable gesture from a human form. To create a story through abstraction he uses movement, contrast saturation, vigorous gestures with paint and a combination of quiet and explosive areas of coloration.

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Phone: 4356497855


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2020/08/08 - 2020/09/05

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Julie Nester Gallery

1755 B Bonanza Drive, Park City, UT 84060