Dec 23 2020
Jan 02 2021
The Nutshell!

The Nutshell!

Presented by Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company at Online/Virtual Space

How to select your Ticket The Nutshell! is a Mannakin Theater & Dance holiday celebration that showcases cultures from around the world and performers from every style of dance in the beloved dances from The Nutcracker. This year, we are proud to present over 50 companies and 400 performers in four unique casts: Poinsettia, Mistletoe, Holly and Ivy.

When you select your ticket to The Nutshell! you’ll be choosing one of these four casts to watch as a Stream, a Video On Demand (VOD) or both. Your choice is as simple as how and when you’d like to watch one of our four casts.

STREAM This is the most affordable way to enjoy The Nutshell! A stream starts and stops at a specific time, just like a regular performance. The fun part about a stream is that you can chat with other people who are watching the show and get the sense that you are part of an audience. Streams are scheduled throughout the holiday season.

VIDEO ON DEMAND (VOD) Choose VOD if you’d like to be able to watch the show at your convenience, or want to watch it more than once. This will be just like the experience of viewing on Netflix or Amazon. You’ll be able to watch your VOD through January 2nd.

Click on any Select Tickets button to learn who is in that cast and to purchase a Stream, a VOD or a bundle of the two. You can even choose to view all four casts On Demand by selecting the Platinum Package!

Admission Info

$9 – $30

Dates & Times

2020/12/23 - 2021/01/02

Location Info

Online/Virtual Space

Online/Virtual, UT 00000