Jan 15 2021
Feb 12 2021
Patricia Kimball, Rebecca Livermore & Paul Dou...

Patricia Kimball, Rebecca Livermore & Paul Dou...

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Please join us this Friday, January 15th from 6-9pm for the opening of new work by Patricia Kimball & Rebecca Livermore on our Main Floor and Paul Dougan in our Dibble Gallery. (Masks & social distancing required.)

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Patricia Kimball, who has a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Utah, generally has two goals in mind when painting. One is to capture the essence of the subject in front of her by the simplest method possible. That means eschewing more information or more detail in order to get the big relationships—color, shape, value, scale, etc.—exactly right. The second goal, much more challenging, is to represent the subject in a new way. In her mind, the greatest of paintings are those that show a familiar subject in a different light. She tries to pay close attention to what is around her—the landscape, people, objects—looking for subjects that might prove interesting expressed in paint. In the landscape, she is drawn to the juxtapositions of nature and human culture as well as the landforms that reveal geologic history. In her figurative work, she enjoys the challenge of capturing un-posed moments, especially figures in motion.

Rebecca Livermore holds a Master of Fine Arts from the Rhode Island School of Design and a bachelor’s from the University of California, Berkeley. Of her orderly watercolor paintings she says: “Having spent 20 years as a graphic designer informs the way I design my compositions – altering reality as I please – to create a mood and to focus on the most personally intriguing aspect of my subject. Sometimes I simplify my designs to highlight the organic, flowing shapes in a landscape or to call attention to a certain aspect of my subject. At other times, I add complexity with the use of stylized, repeating lines and forms (frequently in contrasting colors) to define edges and to contrast with and/or emphasize the essential characteristics of my subjects. Drawing and painting these invented lines and forms is my way of adding myself to my subject and contributes to the joy and satisfaction I feel while I’m painting.”

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2021/01/15 - 2021/02/12

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