Mar 05 2021
March Local Concert

March Local Concert

Presented by Intermountain Acoustic Music Association at Online/Virtual Space

Callanish is the name of a group of standing stones in Scotland, ancient and weathered, but still evocative of the culture that created them.  Callanish is also a local Salt Lake City band that has weathered more than 25 years with a changing cast of musicians and focus, but always turning out Celtic music.  The band consists of five friends, all using their diverse musical backgrounds to create music primarily in a traditional Celtic style.  Featured musicians are: John Adams on violin, Soren Green on classical and acoustic guitars, Taylor Nyx on vocals, Ben Spigle on flutes/whistles and Cindy Spigle on bodhran/percussion.  Callanish plays mostly traditional Irish and Scottish tunes augmented with a growing body of original compositions as well as non-traditional tunes played on traditional instruments.  They are all constantly honing their connection to the tradition, including traveling together to Ireland to soak up the culture (and the beers and whiskeys).  Their music ranges from soulful to rowdy, and it’s all great fun!

Shanahy – Clockwise from bottom left: Bronwen Beecher, Andrew Morrill, Kate MacLeod, and Mark Hazel
One of the longest-running music groups in the Intermountain region, having performed together for about 20 years, Shanahy is a Utah-based band performing traditional songs and tunes from the British Isles – primarily Scotland and Ireland.  The group also shares newer music that fits into the Celtic genre, including a few original pieces of music.  Shanahy entertains audiences at concerts, Celtic festivals, weddings, and other celebrations.  The special Shanahy sound features fiddles, highland pipes, cauldwind pipes, whistles, flute, bodhran, guitars, and both female and male vocals.  They perform traditional jigs, slip-jigs, reels, strathspeys, waltzes, airs, and songs.  Shanahy has released three CDs: Trip to Ballymena, Far Away and A Fair Land Lies Before Me.

The group includes award-winning musicians, and consists of Andrew Morrill, Kate MacLeod, Bronwen Beecher, and Mark Hazel.


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Free online concert! for platform information.  Two great Celtic bands to celebrate St.Patricks time.  Callanish & Shanahy

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2021/03/05 - 2021/03/05

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Online/Virtual Space

Online/Virtual, UT 00000